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by cdsglobal on March 19, 2014
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Earlier this month a Business of Fashion Op Ed focused on the poor quality of imagery media outlets shared during the fashion week: people desperately trying to capture snippets of a show using Vine or Instagram.

Actually to quote the author, Mark C. O’Flaherty, directly “In the iPhone Age, fashion week has become one glorified, ridiculous, narcissistic, nauseating selfie,” The bottom line is just because you can take a video on your iPhone and share it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask yourself whether is it good enough quality to share in the first place.

One element neglected in the article though is that there shouldn’t be an excuse for taking poor videos in the first place, given the range of apps (free and paid) which are available to take awesome shots. Taking the time to do as good a job as possible translates as increased credibility and that attention to detail is necessary to get attention as a clear voice in a noisy environment.

TheNextWeb rounded up 8 of the best apps for the iOs phones (Androids will get attention in another article) doing exactly that. We took it one step further and thought about it in context of being second row at a Fashion Show:

Top feature: Simple: Shoot 6 second clips, shake to edit- to add the clips into a montage, & share
Good For: Replicating several looks from a show set to tunes from the event, instead of noisy live audio.
Cost: free

Top Feature: Similar to Vine where you can stop and restart recording, but longer: up to 30 seconds. Also some editing software: music, effects/ lighting.It’s straight-forward but quite basic which is why it is easy to use.
Cost: free

3. Game Your Video App:
Top Feature: Quirky, with text addition and various filters.
Cost: free

4. 1Tap Video:
Top Feature: You can choose how many seconds you want to record for. The other ‘perk’ for this is that it is automatically a video recorder (auto-focuses in 3 seconds)- you don’t need to fiddle with toggling between camera and video recorder on your camera.
Cost: $0.99

5. iSupr8:
Top Feature: Authentic vintage look and feel for the recording. “[iSupr8] grades each pixel based on exposure adding old school effects and film-burn. The resulting film becomes a unique and retro masterpiece.” You can select from filters and edit your footage yourself
Cost: $1.99

6. Horizon: /
Top Feature: Hold your phone any way and always keep the clip horizontal.
Cost: $1.99

7.Filmic Pro:
Top Feature: This is super powerful and packed full of features and tools to make both short and sweet clips for social media as well as longer promotional videos or talent portfolio compilation pieces.
Cost: $4.99

FiLMiC Pro Tutorial – Shooting Modes from FiLMiC Pro on Vimeo.

8. Magisto:
Top Feature: This is great to blend videos and photos- much like those short Facebook videos released for their 10 year anniversary. This is great for creating a montage of a talents work. It is also automated with an impressive algorithm that has been receiving strong reviews- you submit the clips and the app stitches them together. The video below offers a good explanation.
Cost: Free