Drive Engagement on Facebook

by cdsglobal on February 26, 2014
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Facebook changes once again, but this time it will help Model and Talent Agency page managers in a big way. If you use Facebook in a personal capacity then you know that sometimes when a friend tags you in a photo this can show up in your other friends news feed. As a page though, this was not the case, until now.

From now on Facebook will treat a page more like a person so you can tag other pages or people. Most agencies post the work their models and talent have done and list those credited with the results. There is the opportunity. Take a few extra minutes when posting the images and you can increase the amount of people who might see your post. For those who are a little uncertain how to, it is the same as on Twitter: simply use @ and then select the person’s name from the options given.

What this means is that if your agency currently posts on your page the designer, the photographer, the stylists that are associated with your models you can now tag them instead of just credit them. This broadens the engagement level of your page which is the metric that matters the most in social media.


You can read more about the ‘tweak’ here on TNW:

If you would like to understand more about the audience you are talking to on Twitter there is a very cool tool you can use called SocialRank. It shows you who is your most influential, engaged and best followers. Check it out:

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