2013 Fashion Weeks Synopsis

by cdsglobal on September 27, 2013
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As the final of the major fashion shows draw to a close, there have been some unique trends this year. Most notably the use of technology and social media: one fashion show, Burberry recorded on an iPhone 5s and the increasingly common live streaming via Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. What was probably even more interesting though was that it was very much a two way street, with technology giants paying careful attention to which platform and devices the fashion leaders were using most.

This is significant for many reasons as it shows that the unique needs and creative ways the Fashion Industry have commandeered existing technology will have an influence on the future developments. The traditional domain of the geek is inevitably going to become a lot more chic.


Here are some of the best sources for the reactions to the shows:
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The Guardian’s Fashion Blog’s view of all the activity.

Some fun insight was through fashionista favorite: Instagram.

Guest of a Guest blog recapped some of the highlights here.

Style x Style also covers some Instagram highlights including the Burberry Show

Mashable‘s selection of the 20 best Instagrams from all the way back at ‘Day One’ of Fashion Week season: New York.