Designer’s Double Standards: Whose size 8 are you wearing?

by cdsglobal on March 18, 2013
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This infographic about designer’s double standards got passed along to us recently, which we thought was interesting enough to share. It’s a chart from the New York Times that highlights a few interesting things, such as how different designers make use of different measurements in waist, bust and hip size according to brand.

They also illustrate how some companies use different sizing standards on their lower-end brands… Take a look.

Designer’s Double Standards

Designer's Double Standards Infographic

Original infographic here

Some interesting things to highlight:

  • The 3 brands of Gap have 3 different measurements
  • Alix & Kelly has several different size 8 measurements
  • Different sizing standards seem to be applied to different brands (i.e. lower or higher-end brands)

Any thoughts on that?