How to use Portfoliopad for seamless agency transfers

by cdsglobal on July 24, 2012
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cDs Portfoliopad technologyAs a modeling agent, it goes without saying that placing models within different agencies around the world is part of the job.

One of the features of Portfoliopad is that the system allows agencies to transfer selected information and images of a specific model directly to another agency.

Provided that both agencies are using Portfoliopad, it’s a seamless transaction. With one click a new profile will be created and all the selected data will automatically be updated on the receiving agency’s Portfoliopad account. The only thing left to do is put your model to work.

The pain of having to do everything manually is a thing of the past, so agents – you can now focus on what you do best, hassle-free.

* Portfoliopad is a web-based software application designed to market models, talent, artists, reps and locations using the most powerful marketing medium – visual presentation. Submit digital packages to your clients and include images, video clips, polaroids and resumes.