Lytro Camera Technology – is this the future of photography?

by cdsglobal on July 20, 2012
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Lytro Camera TechnologyUnlike a conventional camera, Lytro camera technology lets you focus after the fact. By capturing the color, intensity and direction of all the light, Lytro enables you to shift the focus of the image after taking the shot.

Focusing after the fact with Lytro camera technology means that auto-focus is a thing of the past. Adjust the focus after taking a photograph to create a series of images with different focal points.

Lytro camera technology is compatible with nearly any device, so you can upload or edit images on your mobile phone, web browser or tablet. Upload images directly to your social media platforms and share them with others who have the opportunity to refocus or add effects of their own – adding a new dimension to the image.

cDs puts Lytro camera technology to the test

The image below depicts how the focus can be shifted after the shot has been taken. Simply click on the element you wish to focus on and voila!

Try it out for yourself  – shift the focus by clicking on background or foreground elements and see how the image takes on a whole different look

What does this mean for fashion?

As a fashion photographer this allows you to capture runway shots capturing numerous models on the catwalk and then focus on each model individually after the fact. Just one example of the benefits offered by this palm-sized device.

Although having captured our attention we have to ask – what it will really mean for the digital photography industry?

Will Lytro camera technology change photography as we know it?

At this stage Lytro camera technology is only suitable for web-based images, but it might not be long until this type of technology comes standard with camera equipment.

Lytro camera technology has been on the market for over a year now and even won Camera of the Year in 2012. We’re interested to know if anyone has ever used a Lytro and if it has truly lived up to its expectations?