Clark Cord: Ford Model & Healthy Lifestyle Motivator

by cdsglobal on April 13, 2012
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Clark Cord and his organic recipe for success!

Clark Cord Organic Recipes

Indiana born Ford model Clark Cord is not your average college senior; juggling a construction management major, a fiancé, and a budding modeling career. His life was pushed into the fast track last year when he won the VMAN model search; between his Ford contract, his love life, and a budding career you’d think he’d be slightly neurotic (at least we know we would be!).

Much to our surprise, Clark Cord is anything but and is curiously balanced. Inquiring as to how he manages living a healthy lifestyle despite home and career pressure, Cord begins his motivating lifestyle lesson in a self-assured tone.

If you’ve had the privilege of watching the VMAN model search campaign video (which was partly Cord’s idea), you know how important routine exercise is to this physically fit model. In an attempt to mold an “appealing” physique, Cord works out five to six days/week; three days in the gym and two outside engaging in cardio-rich activities such as mountain biking, basketball, and rollerblading. Five to six days/week may seem daunting to the exercise newbs, to which Cord suggests hiring a trainer to get your started learning proper form and routine, allowing four to five weeks to see results (patience is key), and inspiring yourself online with the help of websites such as

Emphasizing a balance between fitness and healthy eating habits, Cord shares his tip to recipe success: Pinterest. When he’s not scanning pinboards for food-spiration, the model puts his culinary skills to the test, whipping up his own recipes; one of which he eagerly shared with us and YOU!

Clark Cord: The Organic Pizza Fix 

Serves 2 (12 pizzas)

What You Need:

1 package of organic 100% whole wheat tortillas (Garden of Eatin)
(1 tortilla makes 5 pizzas)
1/4 can organic tomato sauce (Muir Glen)
1 Package of organic shredded mozzarella cheese (Horizon)
1/2 T organic oregano
1/2 tsp organic basil leaves
Olive oil spray
Muffin pan(s)


Preheat oven to 425ºF.
Spray the muffin pan(s) with olive oil
Wash the tomato sauce can and use to cut out individual tortilla “crusts”
Place the “crusts” into the bottoms of the muffin pan
Pour 1/4 can of tomato sauce into a bowl and mix in oregano and basil
Place a spoonful of sauce onto each crust
Add cheese and a pinch of salt to each pizza.
Bake for 10 minutes

Let cool for 5 minutes and enjoy!