Claudia Schiffer for Guess (20 Years Later)

by cdsglobal on March 28, 2012
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It’s usually easy to spot an aged model by her overly botoxed face and leather-like skin, but Claudia Schiffer is another story! Ellen Von Unwerth shot Claudia Schiffer’s first Guess ad in 1989, which propelled her to super stardom and after 20 years, Guess has re-hired the supermodel as the face of their 30th anniversary campaign, proving that there is beauty at any age!

Schiffer is one of  numerous supermodels that inspired their 15-piece capsule collection, which will be advertised in print, in international TV commercials, and on Taxi TVs. Flashing back to the 90’s the collection will feature daisy print jeans, bedazzled tees,  and cut-off waistband jeans.

Schiffer’s seventh ad for Guess is one of nostalgia; a look back at a brand supported by modeling elite. Reminiscing on her Guess experience, Schiffer said,  “Guess will always have a soft spot in my heart, and I’m excited that 23 years later we can still work together so successfully…Shooting the Guess 30th anniversary campaign was like going back in time. It brought back so many great memories and has been a lot of fun working together again with Ellen and Paul.”

We might forgo our usual subway trip and shell out the extra dough just to sneak a peek of Schiffer on Taxi TV (that’s saying a lot).